About Tuffieh Funds

Our World View

Tuffieh Funds was established in February 2011 as a multi-fund investment company with variable share capital under the laws of Malta.

The philosophy of the founding partners has been to create an investment company that would provide well focused funds generating excess value on a risk-adjusted basis in the medium to long-term. The team offers a unique mix of skills in managing private equity projects, asset allocation and risk management.


Tuffieh Funds is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority as a Professional Investor Fund umbrella which is available to qualifying individuals or institutions as Extraordinary and Qualified Investors.

Our Time

We are living in times of unprecedented government interventions in markets, distorted prices of financial as well as real assets, unreasonable short-term price changes and interrupted price trends.

Our time is characterised by price bubbles that will ultimately burst: first stocks bubbles, then real estate. Next, it will be bonds followed by commodities.

We do not need to ask if inflation unwinds, we should rather ask when. This will have a detrimental impact on the bond market and will create a bubble in the commodity market.

You know who we are and where you can find us

  • We achieve higher returns as compared to our benchmarks even in the short term
  • We measure and limit losses and outperform our competitors
  • We invest our own money
  • We focus only in what we understand and where we can deliver the best results

Why Malta?

Organisational structure

Thuffieh Funds Organisational structure

Our investment philosophy

Different timing of purchases and sales results in profits and losses in different development phases of the market. Combination = smoother overall profits = surer profit stability.

Thuffieh Funds investment philosophy

Tuffieh Funds invests in private equity projects in Europe that offer attractive, medium to long-term investment returns, an expanding business, sound and modern management, capable of increasing market share and, at the same time, delivering shareholder value and returns.

Hedge funds generally follow one of two basic investment approaches - value or trend. In Tuffieh, we have merged them into the Wealth Management Fund.